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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I'll email passwords. It's not so exciting though. On another topic (from marriage/prisons, and thanks for making that analogy G), here is an email I (and many others) received from Don recently. Anyone wants to join in the great simultaneous marathon project I'll give you his email. It's a little late but you could catch up:

it's 2004. want to do something nuts?

let's decide to finish a marthon on may 2nd, together.
it doesn't have to be the same marathon.
we don't have to run it.
but we have 16 weeks to train for it, if we start on Monday.

some of us don't run. you folks can walk. walking is very good for you.
some of already run a lot. you folks can gloat, and aim for a fabulous finish time.

the main idea is: we -- all of us -- train for 16 weeks.
and then we meet up, on May 2nd, at one of several marathons (several are listed below), to walk or run them.

there is one in ohio.
there is one in british columbia.
there is one in massachusetts.
there is one in nebraska.

we can find one or more in europe.
there is one on the great wall of china, later in May.

where you train isn't the point.
keeping track of our progress together is the point.
or rather, keeping better in touch with eachother, via a mutual project,
is the point.
or -- okay, there's no point. but let's do it.

there will be measurements.
there will be graphs.
there will be meet-ups and races in the interim 16 weeks.
there is already a (rudimentary, under-construction) website where you
can post your training progress & comments:
[upon your request, you will be given a username and password for
accessing the site]

good luck,

beginner's marathon training progrm (has links to intermediate and advanced training programs): http://www.runnersworld.com/home/0,1300,1-51-56-633,FF.html?site=RunnersWorld
Marathons on May 2nd: [ links to each marathon's website at:


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