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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Weh hey!

Hi everyone
I've been bogged down with sh*t but here I am!

How did Doug and Melena meet, did she first come as a friend of Giulio and that's how they met at 53 brentwood? If that's the case, that is really nice. At least one nice couple can emerge out of the brentwood habitat. Please say my congratz to Doug!

My question about the trash is... Why is it that you, Mike, still have so much stuff in your room after generating so much trash?

Red Sox rules! Yankees suck! I had a few Boston residents at my house the other day, and they got pretty trashed. When one guy passed out, I wrote on his forehead, "Yankees rule!!" and a picture of a heart. When he woke up hours later, he was soooo pissed!!

So now Mike you have more female roommates once again. It's a cyclical thing. But one word, Mike, you betta get out of there before the 13th year arrives!!! I'm serious!!
Oh BTW, last night on TV at the Yankees' stadium, there was a guy with a Boston hat on that looked just like Mike. Was that you?

Giulio, what are you saying?



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