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Saturday, June 29, 2002

It was really great to go back to Boston and see many old friends. I stayed at the legendary 53 Brentwood Mansion, home of Mike, Doug, Alex, Hide, and Edgar... it took me two weeks to recover
from the Pizza Parties organized by my housemates, evenings spent in pubs, 'grandi abbuffate' (that is, eating a lot) at Bob (my thesis' advisor), at Mike (my other advisor), at Kali and Shaju (my friends), at my former house, with Alex&Alex (the first Alex is my favourite one), Boccelli's concert, one night at Kinko's printing up my thesis, and all that stuff. Thank you a lot. So back in Holland: yesterday with my roommate we went to a party in Rotterdam (almost 2 hours driving from the city where I live): the party was in a house in the middle of the Red District, where basically you can legally buy sex and drugs in the so-called coffee shops. The party was great. We left around 2 in the morning, and before hitting the road we really needed a coffee but in all those coffee shops, at 2 in the morning, the only things you can buy is sex and drugs, no coffee! What kind of coffee shops are those?
a big hug to everybody, g.
(courtesy of Stamatios)


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