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Thursday, May 13, 2004

I'm thinking of changing the template for this blog, but as I am still working on a rewrite of Jaded (that has been only taking the last 6 months to even figure out how I want it to look, let alone start it) I am thinking of using one of the Blogger Pre-Designed Templates.

Please tell me which ones you like the best and then we'll vote on the best one.


Rounders 2

Mr. Moto

Tic Tac

This-a-way Blue

Snapshot Sable


Personally I like Minima, Mr. Moto and Rounders 2.

Also, I will be adding the ability to comment on the posts and, most likely, the ability for everyone to upload pictures to the blog.

Please comment.

Oh and how do you like the new feel to Blogger?


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