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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Holly molly, Jee Wee, Willy Wonka, Mini Me!!!

Ciao a tutti!
First, congratulations to Sarah!! Up to now, Sarah for me was just the owner of Boris.
I remember the day Sarah stormed into my room asking: "GIULIO!!! Is this condom yours?? " showing to me a really dirty condom " ...because Boris just pupped this condom and I don't know whether he got it in your room or in the street!!!"

But now, Holly molly, Jee Wee, Willy Wonka, Mini Me!!! She is an iron woman!

(for those of you who don't know Japanese, it means " Hi Mayumi, how are you, what's up, hoyouu dooing! Good to hear from you! Are you still playing tennis? I still do, but I miss playing tennis with you.")

anyway, tomorrow I'm going to Italy. On my motorbike again. It's going to take two days to get to southern Italy. Be back in two weeks. Or maybe later.

"Don't forget those who love you"


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