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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Why I read the Washington Post

We hope that Pope Benedict XVI , like his predecessor, will stand up to the world's dictators and for the rights of Catholics and others to practice their faiths freely.

There's less reason to hope, perhaps, that Pope Benedict XVI will rethink policies that we believe have harmful effects, but it's fair to point out that it's not only Catholics who suffer from some of those. Certainly we hope that the pope's admirable profession of "adult faith" does not mean that the church must continue to impede the distribution of condoms in Africa and in other developing countries, where greater use could inhibit the spread of AIDS and prevent thousands of premature deaths.

We also hope that the new pope has the courage to intervene, rapidly and decisively, to make clear a policy of zero tolerance when it comes to child abuse by priests. And we hope he'll weigh the possible benefits of new medical technologies, and not dismiss them out of hand. It is an extraordinary pulpit that the former Cardinal Ratzinger has been given. If he uses it well, the whole world will benefit.

editorial, from http://www.washingtonpost.com/


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