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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Two unrelated news from the Guardian


The first ever footage of a person being cryonically frozen is to be broadcast in a Channel Five documentary that will follow a woman who is terminally ill with cancer before and after her death. The 60-minute film, Death in the Deep Freeze, will feature the American woman's "emotional" journey after she decides to be "frozen" and will include interviews with both her and her husband.

The film, a co-production with the National Geographic Channel in the US, will also show the "shocking and compelling" invasive procedure used to freeze her - the first time it has been filmed.

The controversial practice of cryonics, which is often mistakenly called cryogenics, involves "freezing" people in the hope that one day they will be brought back to life.


Yesterday was the hottest July day ever, according to the Met Office, with a temperature of 36.3C recorded in Charlwood, Surrey, surpassing the previous record set in 1911. But if parts of Britain's infrastructure were giving a good impression of a country that still can't quite cope when the sun comes out, many people knew exactly how to deal with the soaring temperatures: disrobe, drink a lot and - ideally - locate somewhere to get wet.

Juliet Robinson, squeezed into a narrow strip of shade at the pool's edge, said she was also enjoying the temperatures, but added: "We do tend to go a bit mad in the sun.”


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