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Friday, January 09, 2009

Joyful Aura or Inexcusably Flirtatious/Slutty Chick ?

From a reader: "Would you be interested in doing a column on the tension between married and single women? Cocktail parties can be miserable between us. The men are attracted to some of us happy singles because of the joyful aura. Their wives think we're out to get their deadbeat husbands. In reality, there is total sympathy for their unhappy lives."

cookgirl1 > The woman who originally wrote in must either be an inexcusably flirtatious/slutty chick since men seemingly won't leave her alone, or she is completely out of touch. Could it have been a joke? I mean seriously, no one could be that self-centered, could they?

Alice1231 > I don't think either married or single women have a lock on the 'joyful aura' thing. If you are threatening your friends, you might want to rethink your actions. Or you might want to rethink your friends.

hereandnow1 > I'm a single woman and I find this notion to not only be offensive, but degrading to all women and men as well. Personally, the person who wrote in needs in a massive reality check because I highly doubt too many people notice her and if they do, I'd bet it's mainly pity. Most people who think that highly of themselves tend to be pitied and mocked by everyone else.

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