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Monday, February 17, 2003

Yo! Da! is in da house!
I just saw this website for the first time in ages, and there it was, Giulio's daily postings from the past decade as well as a picture of Casey and myself. I'm once again in the house of 53 Brentwood house (this time in the form of Blog)!

Greetings to everyone.
Yes, Casey and I got married (and we are not pregnant, thank you), and this is the first place to use my new last name!

Todays' news: Mars has water, but it's not drinkable. It's kind of like our 'real/fake' wedding two days ago. We had champaign, but it was frozen if you didn't drink it fast enough. Drinking fast also kept us warm.

Jeff, I went to your website. I love it! Nice picture with your friend Ronnie McD. Looks like you guys were bonding pretty well.

Lotsa love,

p.s. Mike, thank you for your pretty vase. Giulio, thank you for your beutiful flowers. They are together in 'love harmony' right now. Whatever that means.

p.p.s. Mike, why don't you extend the invitation to Chris Darrell?


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