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Friday, October 03, 2003

I love how Jeff has perma links to his comments but not to his posts.

And there seems to be something wrong with your comments Jeff. (Then again I am doing this at work and the problem might just lie in the crazy server and Firewall that Fisher College has set up.) After Posting I get a "Can't Access Server" page, which makes me think that my comment hasn't posted so I go back and repost and get the same error page and then find out to my horror, yes to my utter horror, that I have posted my comment twice.

Oh the humanity.

Well since I can't link to the post, which is September 29th, 2003, and September has yet to be archived for some other ungodly reason (I mean you bought a house and all that but one would think you could still find the time to have archives or do you not have an attic?), I will now, without permission, reprint some of that post and then post the stupid comment that I wrote about it.

Here we go:

"The thing is, who really knows how much of my money actually goes to MADD? That's the, uh, maddening part. I never know if any charitable contribution is actually going to the charity. I gave quite a bit of money to the Red Cross for September 11th, but who knows? I think I should receive a specific, itemized list of what my donation was used for. That would be quite interesting, wouldn't it? For example, maybe my donation paid for a night's stay at a hospital for one of the victims. Oh well."

Mike's Comment embelished a little more:
"Thank you for your donation to < fill in charity here >. We like to let you know where your money went so that you can feel like you are making a difference in this crazy fucked up world we live in. So here is a breakdown of the $100 you so gratefully donated to us.

"Itemized Report of your $100 donation:

"$95 goes towards the salaries of the people who compile this report.

"$4 goes to transportation costs of the

"$1 in rice you have bought for a starving child in < fill in country here >

"Thank You for your donation."


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