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Sunday, May 01, 2005



No really, Unbelievable.

US intelligence declassified the report about the incident in Baghdad that resulted in the death of an Italian secret agent – shot by American soldiers.

So what does the US intelligence do?

They release the pdf file of the report.

Obviously, they don’t want some information to be public, like the name of the soldiers who shot the poor guy – ok, that’s fair – or other information which show how badly they screwed up – hum… less fair.

Anyway, how do they cover the info they don’t want to be public????

In the old days, they would use a big black marker.

Today, since they invested so much in technology and in upgrading the US intelligence, they just used the Highligth tool (using the color black) in Adobe.

What a f*ç%&! Stupid idea!!!!

Nobody thought that, if you just cut and paste that sentence in any word program, you can read everything!

Now I’m kind of scared. I know probably too much (like other thousands of people who used the same trick to read the ‘blackened’ sentences). My life could be in danger…


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