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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ciao Alexis!!!!

what's up?? still in Austin?


  • Yee-hah! Was just thinking of you guys when trying to figure out what the zip code was on my last place and searching for myself in the white pages.

    I'm still in Texas. Probably against my better judgment, I'm moving from Austin to Dallas next week. Austin is AWESOME but job opportunites await my boyfriend and I up in Dallas so up north I-35 we'll go. Oh yeah, and waaay better shopping in Dallas, which soothes my soul of all worry and anxiety I have over the move. I tell ya, I don't know if I'll ever be able to move back up to the cold, snowy north. I love warm weather!

    And you all? Where in the world are you and what are you doing, who are you with, how do you like it?

    By Blogger Alexis, at 12:47 PM  

  • Alexis - things have gotten really crazy up here. We all decided to move to Utah and join the Fundamentalist Mormons. I now have 327 wives. Mike has 275, but Guilio is winning so far, he has 567, but he keeps breaking up with them all and then getting new ones the following week. Crazy times!

    By Blogger Jeff, at 8:55 AM  

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