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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lots of miles

I drove over 1500 miles last week, slept in a Uhaul and my car, and ate some Turkey.

On Friday the 18th I flew to Chicago to help my friend John move back to Boston. The goal was to fill up a truck and take turns driving it to Boston. Unfortunately the 26 foot truck he rented was filled rather quickly, and a 14 footer had to be rented in addition.

So on Sunday the 20th John and I left Chicago driving 2 trucks instead of 1. We left Chi-town at 1 PM EST. We arrived at my house in Boston at 2 PM EST on the next day. John almost killed a deer and I almost fell asleep. We slept for 3 hours (in the trucks non-reclining seats) at a truck stop just outside of Schenectady. When we got to Boston we were dead tired and John found out that he couldn't close on either house til Wednesday at the earliest. I then went to work, that was a stupid mistake.

On Wednesday I left for my mother's house in West Islip, NY at 10 PM. Around Midnight I was too tired to drive and pulled over at a rest stop in Connecticut to sleep for 2 hours. I awoke to my car covered in 2 inches of snow. I cursed and then went back to sleep and awoke at 5AM to 4 inches of snow. I cursed again, but I had to get a move on so I drove 45 MPH on unplowed roads until I hit the New York border where it was raining.

I got to my Mother's at 7:30 and went to sleep. The turkey was worth it.


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