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Sunday, July 24, 2005

what a big screw-up

I had a feeling from the beginning that this was a big screw-up.

Police chief Sir Ian Blair has apologised to the family of the Brazilian man shot dead by police in south London on Friday.

And read this!

He said the death of Jean Charles de Menezes was a "tragedy", but admitted more people could be shot as police hunt suspected suicide bombers.

So basically this poor Brazilian guy got killed because he ran away from a couple of people (wearing plain clothes) who pulled a gun on him. It turns out that these people were officers.

It’s interesting also reading back the account of the events by a witness:

‘He looked like a Pakistani, he had a baseball cap on, and quite a thickish coat. It was a coat like you would wear in winter, a sort of padded jacket. It looked out of place in the weather we've been having.’

The poor Brazilian was used to the 40 degrees of Rio, that’s why he was wearing a ‘quite a thickish coat’ in the HOT 20 degrees weather of London !


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