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Sunday, December 31, 2000

Well is almost time for me to leave. Happy New Year. I'mm off to Crossroads and then wherever we end up.

The snow storm that skipped Boston. It will be icy as the artic tommorrow. Could somebody stop by our house and salt our driveway? Oh thanks your such a wonderfull person.
Maiko actually stopped by the house yesterday. Then I heard her say that she was going home, ie the boyfriends house. Can't remember his name. Maiko, a little help? Ah well I should really be going to sleep.

One last test to see if the tables readjust themselves or not .

Almost there.

Its New Years Eve.


Ok now we have a weblog. Just need to fix some bugs and then set this up for the rest of the house.
The plan is to let anyone in the house post here at anytime in the day, messages to the rest of us or to the world. Giulio can start putting his sentence of the day here, and the rest of us can stop sending goofy emails to each other and instead send goofy messages to each other that the whole world can read.

Saturday, December 30, 2000