53 Brentwood Blog

Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Needs: Money for oil bill. Love. Loss of 30 pounds. Creativity. Confidence. XTC.

"Dear God, sorry to disturb you but...." Love this song.

To keep in mind now that California is going power hungry. Maine Solar House this house just has it all. When I get ready to design my own house it will definitely be more like this one. So unlike the Brentwood house. We have no insulation, windows that are from the '50s at the latest but which I think have been there since the '30s, old gas lighting hookups in almost all the rooms. And an oil burner that does little to keep us warm, mostly due to heat loss from the non insulation.

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

God I love net Radio. Listening to the Nothing Records selection of tracks right now, I just wish I had a faster internet connection. Everyone I call keeps saying "I'm sorry we are not set up in your area at this time" ugh. Allston, Mass. I guess I will be spending more time in the senior design lab now, got a nice and nifty ethernet connection to the world thanks to BU, its good to see that the $120,000 that I, and lets not forget the parents and the govt, have spent is going to good use.
The new Depeche Mode albulm is called Exciter for those who care.

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Well we have a slight roommate loss. Jeff moved out rather unexpectally. Maiko still "lives" here but wants to move out furniture. Ugh. I still have to set up accounts for the rest of them and now that blogger is a little faster that will be easier. School started today. Found out who my project team was. We are all the people in the class who didn't start a group of our own, but whom all recieved the highest grades on our individual projects last semester. We now have to pick one of those projects and make it our Team project. I'll tell you all later which plane we decide to design.