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Monday, September 30, 2002

What G knows about Pain

G was married. G knows pain.

What G knows about MRI

Big machine. Big machine see inside. Inside G.

Good luck, remember imagine the audience naked and getting dirty and you'll do fine.

Friday, September 27, 2002

oh, and talking about the first time .... guess who came here in NIjmegen to visit me (for the first time !)........
TOM!!!!!! yes, TOM ! It was really good to see him again, and to hear, live, from him: " It's all good ..."

Thursday, September 26, 2002

There is always a first time. I am an 'Invited Speaker'. It’s my first time. It never happened to me that somebody would ask: Giulio, would you like to talk? Or: Giulio, please keep talking. As far as I remember, I’ve been alwyas invited to shut up (mostly in a cordial way). Anyway, this time I have been invited to talk in a conference. The topic is: ‘MRI and PAIN, past and future’. What do I know about MRI? I studied some of it. What do I know about PAIN? Well, I was in the 53 Brentwood Mansion for many years…

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

hum... they were maybe afraid of you ...?

Monday, September 23, 2002

Had a discussion over the weekend with some friends about cockroaches. And it occured to me that in the couple of years I was visiting and living at 53 Brentwood, I never once saw a cockroach, which is pretty incredible under the circumstances - I mean, we were pretty clean, but that house seems like it would be an ideal target for them, don't you think? Easy access, etc etc.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

After that he went to bed and fell asleep. As he slept,
he dreamed of his Fairy, beautiful, smiling, and happy,
who kissed him and said to him:

"Bravo, Pinocchio! In reward for your kind heart, I forgive you for all your
old mischief. Boys who love and take good care of their
parents when they are old and sick, deserve praise even
though they may not be held up as models of obedience
and good behavior. Keep on doing so well, and you will be happy."

Sunday, September 15, 2002

--- As soon as they reached the shore, Pinocchio was the
first to jump to the ground to help his old father.
Then he turned to the fish and said to him:

"Dear friend, you have saved my father, and I have not
enough words with which to thank you! Allow me to
embrace you as a sign of my eternal gratitude."

The Tunny stuck his nose out of the water and Pinocchio
knelt on the sand and kissed him most affectionately
on his cheek.

At this warm greeting, the poor Tunny,
who was not used to such tenderness, wept like a child.
He felt so embarrassed and ashamed that he turned quickly,
plunged into the sea, and disappeared. --------

Friday, September 13, 2002

"For the Latins, children have never been anything but future men. The Nordics have understood better this truer truth, that men are only grown-up children." Paul Hazard: Books, Children and Men.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Yesterday is gone, so many things have changed in one year, in the world and in my personal life…

…so, as I told you I’m back to Holland, i.e., North Europe. The new Begnini’s movie ‘Pinocchio’is coming out.

Let’s connect this two events, i.e, North Europe and children's literature; there is an interesting book by Paul Hazard: Books, Children and Men. He pointed out an interesting issue: "In the matter of literature for children the North surpasses the South by a large margin."
It is really true, Spain,Italy, France, Greece, cannot compete with the children's literature of England, Scotland, Germany, and Scandinavian countries… Why is that? I'll tell you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

‘Balls’. I like balls.
Anyway, I’m back from Italy. Two weeks of rain, floods and all that shit.
I went ot Trento, to visit my sister and her new child, Paola.
One day my sister went out for some errands and left me alone with this two-week-old baby. Just after my sister left, Paola started crying. What do you do when a little thing like that starts crying? Where is the manual with the instructions? Didn’t know what to do… then I lied down, put her on my chest, with her head on my neck and we fell asleep together. It was the sweetest sleep.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

He said "balls." That rules.