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Saturday, May 21, 2011

“No one plays with as much joy as Messi does,” Eduardo Galeano, the celebrated Uruguayan novelist and author of “Soccer in Sun and Shadow,” said in an e-mail. “He plays like a child enjoying the pasture, playing for the pleasure of playing, not the duty of winning.”



Intanto anche il settimanale cattolico Famiglia Cristiana esprime oggi tutta la sua indignazione per l'occupazione televisiva compiuta l'altra sera da Silvio Berlusconi. Ieri, scrive in un editoriale sul suo sito internet il periodico, "sono state scritte due brutte pagine: una da un primo ministro e proprietario di televisioni che si arroga prerogative inaccessibili agli avversari politici; l'altra da un giornalismo tv che non tiene dritta la schiena ma si genuflette".

Se già il titolo del commento rivela gli umori del giornale ("L'arroganza a reti unificate"), il testo scritto da Giorgio Vecchiato è ancora più duro. Sulle "cinque interviste in un colpo solo" Vecchiato osserva che "è stato lui a imporle. Un primo pacchetto ai tre tg di mediaset, che sono cosa sua sebbene Berlusconi sostenga da sempre di non interessarsi alle sue aziende, almeno in prima persona.
Evidentemente ci sono altre persone cui basta ricevere una telefonata, pronte a obbedir tacendo. Poi i due maggiori tg della Rai, primo e secondo: e qui il discorso, già parecchio delicato, ulteriormente si complica".


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

English, Italian, Provencal French, and bad Latin.

Salvatore (Ron Perlman)

The misshapen, hunchbacked figure of Salvatore haunts the hidden places of this great abbey, his twisted body lurking in the shadows as he shambles from stables, to refectory, to graveyard. His bobbing, twitching body is topped by a face straight from the monstrous, carved depictions of the Apocalyse on the wall of the abbey. From the scrofulous, partly hairless head to the large, flattened nose, Salvatore is indeed the image of a demon.

But it is his speech that amazes Adso and arouses the interest of William. Babbling maniacally, Salvatore speaks in a unique mixture of English, Italian, Provencal French, and bad Latin.
On meeting Adso for the first time, he grunts and sticks out his tongue, a living gargoyle, and spews forth a gibbering tumble of words
"Penitenziagite! Watch out for the draco who cometh in futurum to gnaw on your anima! La mort e supremos! You contemplata me apocalypsum, eh? La bas! Nous avon il diabolo! Ugly cum Salvatore, eh? My little brother! Penitenziagite!"
As William explains to an incredulous Adso;
"He speaks in all languages – and none …"
Although he wears the black habit of the Benedictine order, His cry of ‘Penitenziagite!’ proves to William that Salvatore is a refugee from the Dolchenite order (Minorites, in Umberto Eco’s book), an order that believed in the poverty of man and which killed the rich to enforce their beliefs. Salvatore is a heretic, and it is this knowledge that inevitably leads Salvatore to his doom …

Monday, May 02, 2011

Facebook == Ego Tripping Out

"Ego Tripping Out" is a 1979 funk-styled dance record released by American soul singerMarvin Gaye, released as a single on the Tamla (Motown) label.

The song, written, composed, arranged and produced by Gaye himself, was a self-mockery of the singer's image and lifestyle. Providing a semi-rap at the beginning of the song where he sung "I got the baddest cool/could never be the fool/the ladies wait to get down with me", he later talks about the downside of being in the spotlight as he sung about his crippling drug abuse: "cause the toot and the smoke won't fulfill the need".


i got the baddest cool, could never be the fool, the ladies wait to get down with me

the love i make superb, to doubt me is absurd, the ladies say i'm the greatest you see

oohh oo oohh

i want to have your spot, and more than what you got, i bought the baddest house i could find

all it must be said i'm greatest in the bed and when i love a lady she's mine

i know i'm really hot, my diamonds shine a lot, check out here this 450 SE babe

i'm what’s its all about

ego tripping out (tripping out, tripping out, your tripping out, your tripping out)

The guy

“We’ve been staring at the compound for months trying to figure out for sure whether we had enough to go with,” one official said. Operatives have “been working this target for years, years, years. They finally found the guy who led to the guy who led to the guy who led to the guy, and this is it.”


Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sergei Pavlovich Korolev (also transliterated Sergey Korolyov),[3] (Russian: Сергей Павлович Королёв Sergej Pavlovič Korolëv), (12 January [O.S. 30 December 1906] 1907, Zhytomyr– 14 January 1966, Moscow), was the pioneer aerospace engineer and the lead Soviet rocketengineer and spacecraft designer during the Space Race between the United States and theSoviet Union in the 1950s and 1960s. He is considered by many as the father of practical astronautics.[4]